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Is it Time to Move, or Improve?

having-someone-to-love-is-family-vinyl-wall-quoteConsidering we sell real estate as part of our jobs it may seem sort of strange that we even propose this question. Shouldn’t we be encouraging people to buy buy buy while the Boise real estate market is hot hot hot? Well…that might be how others go about it, but it’s not us. We want you to be happy where you are. If possible, yes we’d love for that to be in a home we sold you, but if not we want you to know there are alternatives to packing it all up and finding a new place. Even if you just make these improvements to temporarily better your living environment while you search for homes, we’re confident that they will enrich your home and mood.

It’s a fairly common thing, you’ve lived in your home for some years and either your lifestyle has changed, the kids have moved out or grown up, or maybe you’re just tired of the same old thing. You look around and simply need more space, or realize there’s just no way to reconfigure the floor plan without major changes. Whatever the case your long term plan didn’t include any of these things when you first set out; now it’s time to decide what to do in order to get it the way you want.

If you’re not sold on moving yet, consider revamping some of your living spaces. While not all home improvements are equal there are some that will add value to your home over others. A good place you can almost always regain value is by upping your curb appeal.

Start Small
Small remodel projects can make your home like a new place. Especially if you are getting that new big tub in the master bath or some other luxury you’ve always wanted as part of the deal. Small remodels are a great way to sate the need for change without the cost of a new home.

Color Your World
Repainting can really change the entire mood of your home. Consider a fresh coat in rooms that need a re-do; think about moving the furniture – or even getting new furniture – to turn those rooms around.

Demolition Man
It’s not a sin to up the ante and do a serious full remodel of your home. If you love the area, don’t want to move, and have the budget a remodel may provide you with the best of both worlds.

Maybe there is nothing to be done. Maybe it simply won’t work – you need more room, or less room – and have to make the move.

If that time has come we’re here to help! The real estate market in Idaho is really moving; we’re seeing homes moving quickly – and even multiple offers! Given the limited number of homes for sale that might suit your needs it’s always a good idea to work with a qualified Idaho REALTOR┬« when the time comes.

It’s easy to find great homes in Boise and the surrounding Treasure Valley. The best place to start is right on our website! Find homes for sale anywhere in Southwest Idaho with just a few clicks!

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