Home Maintenace Tips

Routine maintenance is just part of protecting the investment that is your home. It can be hard to know exactly what to do and when – often leaving things to go unfixed until they are broken.These tips can help you not only prevent costly repairs before they become a problem but can also help you run your home more efficiently; save you money on your monthly bills.

Inspect the exterior of your home annually:
Check the foundation for signs of cracks.
Check the weather stripping around doors and windows.
Check for holes in the siding.
Check for water in the crawlspace and attic.
Check paint for peeling,fading, or blistering.

Before Winter:
Drain and shut off outside faucets.
Blow out sprinkler lines.
Clean gutters and downspouts.
Clean leaves and mulch from under eaves – also especially from around foundation walls.
Have your chimney cleaned.

Other good ideas:
Drain a galloon from your hot water heater twice a year to extend it’s life.
Check faucets for drips as well as other plumbing at least once a month.
Check your dryer vent and stove hood monthly and clean as needed.
Inspect and repair any tile grout every six month.
Change the batteries in your smoke alarms twice a year.

We’re about more than just finding homes! We want to help make you comfortable and happy in your home long after the sale has closed. Be sure to visit our Facebook Fan Page for more tips like these as well as great local Boise information and news!


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